Floater Culture Was Created and Founded in Compton/Long Beach California, By Mars Henry 2014."Growing in Southern California I became a part of different aspects of the culture from skating, dancing, graffiti, fashion, and music. So having a passion for fashion came naturally". Our inspiration and style of street wear comes from elements of our youth that had great impact on us from Reggae, Punk Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Art, Horror Movies, skateboarding, and Vintage clothes.  We started making high quality snap backs hats Down Town L.A. and we continue to bring unique and authentic street wear for positive minded creators and goal achievers. We  are now located in San Antonio Texas due to gentrification  which we go into detail on up coming California To Texas Interview Series Jan 2022. Our goal is to inspire and push a positive message of being yourself and never giving up. Also to bring value to the culture with Future projects planned for 2022.